2016 Norman Hackerman Award In Chemical Research Recipient

Celebrating a rising star in chemical research

Christopher J. Ellison

The University of Texas at Austin

The Welch Foundation Norman Hackerman Award in Chemical Research furthers chemical research in Texas each year by recognizing one of the state’s emerging researchers. The Welch Foundation proudly bestows the 2016 award upon Dr. Christopher J. Ellison. His achievements are both diverse and significant. Dr. Ellison and his team have broken through important benchmarks in producing green fibers, advanced computer memory materials and flame retardants. Society and industry alike will benefit from the ecological, performance and cost benefits of these innovations.

Dr. Chris Ellison is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. He has generated 14 patents and more than 80 scholarly publications through his chemical research. The Hackerman Award provides Dr. Ellison with a personal award of $100,000.