Conference Program

2018 Welch Conference on Chemical Research
"Water:  Science and Technology"

Hilton Houston North Hotel, Houston, Texas
October 22-23, 2018

James L. Skinner
Program Chair

Water plays a crucial role in our lives, our atmosphere and oceans, in biology, and in future technologies for solving global problems.  This conference will cover both basic science of water and emerging technologies.  It is divided into four sessions, the first of which is on water clusters and interfaces.  We can learn much about the interactions in water from clusters, and interfacial water plays the most important role in many circumstances from aerosols to biomolecule hydration.

The second session is on dynamics and spectroscopy of water.  As in most systems, the dynamics of water is just as important as the structure, and spectroscopy can help us understand the dynamics, from pure water, to water around ions, other solutes, membranes, etc. 

The third session involves metastable water.  That is, at a given temperature and pressure, much of the water on earth is not in one of its equilibrium thermodynamic states; rather it is in one of its metastable states, from supercooled water to amorphous ices.  The exploration of the metastable phase diagram, as well as of nucleation rates to the equilibrium states, can provide further valuable information about the thermodynamics of the stable states, and also help us understand non-equilibrium processes in the natural environment.

The fourth session is about water technology.  We have many pressing global problems involving water, from water availability and treatment for personal use and agriculture, to the need for carbon-neutral energy sources.  Speakers in this session will discuss water-related catalysis for solar fuels, and separation science.


Monday, October 22, 2018
Session I + II

Tuesday, October 23, 2018
Session III + IV