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The Welch Foundation Announces 2019 Norman Hackerman Award Recipient

Dr. Uttam K. Tambar honored for advancements in chemical research

President of The Welch Foundation Announces Retirement

The Welch Foundation Board of Directors announced today Norbert Dittrich will formally retire at year-end from The Welch Foundation where he has served as President since 1993.

62nd Welch Conference - Water: Science and Technology

Welch Conference explores basic science of water, emerging technologies to conquer water challenges

The Welch Foundation is honored to announce the 2018 Robert A. Welch Award in Chemistry Recipient

The Welch Foundation Announces Dr. Adriaan Bax as 2018 Welch Award RecipientNIH…

The Welch Foundation Announces 2018 Norman Hackerman Award Recipient

University of Houston’s Dr. Jeffrey D. Rimer honored for advancements in chemical research