Monday, October 22, 2018

Session I - Water Clusters and Interfaces

8:30 AM

Introductory Remarks

Carin Marcy Barth, Chair
Welch Foundation Board of Directors

8:35 AM

Conference Introduction

James L. Skinner, University of Chicago
Welch Foundation Scientific Advisory Board Member

8:40 AM

Discussion Leader: Franz M. Geiger, Northwestern University

8:50 AM

Speaker: Mark A. Johnson, Yale University
Lecture: "Tracking the Spectroscopic Behavior of Water Down to the Molecular Level with Temperature Controlled, Size-Selected Clusters"

9:40 AM

Speaker: Geraldine L. Richmond, University of Oregon
Lecture: "Mulling over Nanoemulsions:  Interfacial Molecular Structure, Stabilization and Assembly"

10:45 AM

Speaker: James T. Hynes, University of Colorado at Boulder and Ecole Normale Superieure
Lecture: "Water Jump Dynamics at Aqueous Interfaces"

Session II - Dynamics and Spectroscopy in Water

1:00 PM

Discussion Leader: Nancy E. Levinger, Colorado State University

1:10 PM

Speaker: Giulia Galli, University of Chicago
Lecture: "A Computational Microscope for Water at Interfaces"

2:00 PM

Speaker: Michael D. Fayer, Stanford University
Lecture: "Water Dynamics Investigated with 2D IR Spectroscopy:  Probe Molecules, Salt Solutions, Hydronium Ions, and the Air/Water Interface"

3:05 PM

Speaker: Peter J. Rossky, Rice University
Lecture: "Understanding Aqueous Clusters, Inside and Out"

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Session III - Metastable Water

8:00 AM

Discussion Leader:  Barbara Wyslouzil, Ohio State University

8:10 AM

Speaker: Pablo G. Debenedetti, Princeton University
Lecture: "Computational Studies of Supercooled Water"

9:00 AM

Speaker: Anders R. Nilsson, Stockholm University
Lecture: "X-ray Laser Studies of Supercooled Water"

10:05 AM

Speaker: Valeria Molinero, The University of Utah
Lecture: "Crystallization of Water:  A Molecular Perspective"

2018 Welch Award Lecture

10:55 AM

Speaker: Adriaan Bax, National Institutes of Health
Lecture: "Protein Structure and Dynamics Derived from Whispering Nuclear Spins"

Session IV - Water Technology

1:00 PM

Discussion Leader: J. R. Schmidt, University of Wisconsin-Madison

1:10 PM

Speaker: Daniel G. Nocera, Harvard University
Lecture: "Food and Fuel from Sunlight, Air and (Any!) Water"

2:00 PM

Speaker: Junhong Chen, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Lecture: "Molecular Engineering of Real-Time Water Sensors Based on 2D Nanomaterials to Enable Intelligent Water Systems"

3:05 PM

Speaker: Benny D. Freeman, The University of Texas at Austin
Lecture: "Ion Transport in Charged Polymer Membranes for Water/Energy Applications"